Spinvox Sold You ALL Out To VoxSciences For A Can of Spam

This really pisses me off.

I just got an SMS text from some company called “VoxSciences”, who (probably) do some kind of voicemail to text service like the ill-fated and extremely poorly run Spinvox.

Spinvox, after raising a massive amount of money, over £100million I believe, went tits up after the truth about their technology and earnings came out and the information about how the executives were literally squandering the heap of cash on gifts, cars, weddings, undeserved bonusses, parties and all manner of things unrelated to the actual business.

They ended up selling to their competitor called Nuance.

After all the dust settled there, since the finances were squinted at for some time, all those brave investors got some money back: a whopping £600. Between them.

Yes. You read that right. Six hundred pounds. Between the lot of them.

So.. back to this SMS. I must have tried out Spinvox, back in the day, a grand total of, ooooo, once maybe?

Getting this SMS today can only mean one thing. Spinvox/Nuance just sold the entire customer database and all their mobile numbers to ‘VoxSciences’.

Bloody disgusting, if you ask me. (Which you didn’t, but hey.)

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