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The iPod Hi-Fi speakers

So, it’s basically a nice set of speakers with an ipod slot? Oh.

I’m sure all the masses of manufacturers who have been selling similar concepts for a fair while now, ‘enhancing’ the ipod for their owners (ie: apple’s customers) are going to LOVE that! Hmm. Not.

Is this ‘biting the hand’ or digging the pocket?

Bye Bye BBC!

Well, after 3 and a half years at ‘Auntie’, it’s time for me to leave! Hurrah!! Last day will be on Friday.

So, now I’ll be able to tell you all veeeery soooon what I’ve been planning and what I’ll be getting up to!

This a good day for so many reasons. 😉 It’s time to grab the bull by the horns and CARPE DIEM!!!


ipod video fake video

I love photoshop. Heh.

Gnomedex06, here I come!!

CIMG1404Got booked up today for Gnomedex06. I can’t flippin’ wait! We had such a great time last year and made such great friends and contacts. It was great meet so many like-minded people so far away from home. 


This year promises to just as good for so many reasons as we evolve the amazing platforms enabled by super formats such as RSS and OPML. That’s what OPML plus RSS is : a platform enabler.

Gnomedex is a ‘people aggregator’. It’s time to make more badges/buttons 😉

Hey! I also just realised I am in both of the photos from last year that Chris has placed on the Gnomedex page. Cool! Can you spot me? 🙂

Back in Boston

Woooo!!! Gotta looove this town!!

Yes, I’m back in the US of A for a couple of days to try and nail a few things down so can go and tell you all about what’s going on here in the land of kosso.

I was about to build new blog for the secret system, and the damn connectivity here in the hotel seems to be only letting me hit the web, instrad of all the geeky ftp,ssh,database stuff I need. Arghhh!!! (It worked ok last night)

It’s getting very close to me being able to open the kimono/bathrobe on this 🙂

I can’t wait – but I have to.

Damn!! this is HOT HOT HOT!!!!

I really do wonder what Dave Winer will make of all this – as you probably realise its based around OPML and RSS. I hope it makes him feel good when he sees it. Really, I do. Sometimes my brain says one thing, yet my heart says another – you’ll see. 😉

Icons and clicky things you’ll be seeing alot more of very soon

🙂 oooohh pretty!!

Testing the Edge(io)

Hmmm. I am just quiclly trying out the edgeio system.

I have to say their instructions on how to make a post ‘with the tag “listing” ‘ is not clear at all. I also felt this in the early technorati days (and I probably still dont get all the things you can do there either!)

Please please – make it CLEAR!! Show an EXAMPLE – The ‘getting started’ page simply is not enough instruction. maybe I’m being dumb. Who knows? (No, don’t answer that 😉 )
So, I’m guessing here but I will try and add a link to the page? Or shall I add a link to the ??? Both?? Aieee…

UPDATE: I found the info buried in the FAQ – this should be more prominent – as the whole system relies on this.

It’s a lovely looking site you have there, Mike and Keith, but more info will be needed for this to fly, I think.

FOR SALE: Small quantity of belly button fluff for testing purposes only. Highly sought after. Like gold dust. £10 ono.


Yahoo! Groups OPML reading lists?

I was thinking that I’d ike to see Yahoo! Groups provide a url to an OPML file listing the (public) groups I am subscribed to, along with pointers to the RSS feeds.

Hmm.. maybe there’s an API somewhere that I can build that request, then generate the OPML?

Off to the dev net then….

UPDATE: I see they have a nice BIG List of RSS feeds here too. Now, if they could just have that as an OPML file (which they could update whenever new feeds appear)  then we could all keep up to date with new feeds. That would be nice wouldn’t it?

OPML Yahoo! RSS Developers

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Check out his AMAZING touchscreen demo.
Blown away”

Who is this ‘kosso’ anyway?

I am a 'Createc'. A creative technologist, entrepreneur/ hacker/ geek. Worked on building things on the web for over 12 years.

Used to work at BBC News interactive and created the publishing and delivery systems for video news to get distributed on huge screens in major railway stations around the country.

I left the BBC to become CTO / sole-lead architect/developer at for three years.

I have now left them to build a start up a new system called 'Phreadz', which is a 'Social Multimedia Conversation Network', integrating everything that is 'V.I.T.A.L' to us on the web. Video, Images, Text, Audio and Links.

I built the whole thing my myself. I programmed every line of code and positioned every pixel. I'm looking forward to attracting an hiring new members of the team to help me out! :)

There are currently over 1000 happy and helpful beta testers on the system so far and one client of a white-labelled solution.

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