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(un)Offficial Blaugh! slideshow thingy

Over on my OPML blog, I have posted nifty slideshow widget thingy, using the images from the RSS feed from Blaugh!

I can’t post IFRAMEs here, so you’ll have to hop on over to ‘KOZ‘ to see what I’m on about this time 😉

WordPress test from SL via blogHUD meta test system

By jove it works!! 🙂 I nearly have the old blogger API verison running too. Need to build the UI on for people to manage their blog accounts. I already have a system for people to set a password here for bloghud.

The cool thing is, is that I can use the Second Life user name, as they are unique – so all someone has to do to manage their details on is to set a password using the blogHUD in-world. 🙂 Cool eh? And if you forget your password, you can simply set another – we know it’s you changing it, by the very nature you’re logged in.

NEVER EVER give your SL username and password to anyone else – and also, when I activate the blogHUD user profile stuff, when you’ll need to set a password, DO NOT use your normal SL password!!

blogHUD coverage!

Woo! While my back has been turned away from my blogHUD system, which lets people post blog posts and publish rss feeds to, I found these articles on it. Cool! And thanks! 🙂
Wonderland: Social software for managing Second Lives

Social Sim: Two thumbs up for the BlogHUD

Second Life Insider: BlogHUD : SLI Bloggers say ‘We’re Doomed’

Also, just to say that I’m very close to having a version which posts to any WordPress blog soon – and possibly blogger/blogspot if I get the time to do the extra code.

AT&T let data slip – whoops!

Whoops! The BBC reports that AT&T have let hackers get to the credit card deets of over 19,000 customers! Eeek!

AT and T your money - stolen

A question for Blackberry owners

I don’t have a ‘crackberry’ so I need to ask, does it have a built-in voice recorder? And if so, what format does it record to? Thanks.

Also, while trying to find out the anwser (which I haven’t yet) I don’t see any references to external memory. Schurley not, Mischter Bond? Can you use memory cards in a Blackberry? Do any of the models support that or do you just get the memory you’re given?

This is EXACTLY what it’s like to work at the BBC :)

Great stuff from the comedy genius of Adam & Joe

Flickr Geotagging

At last!! Flickr have launched a way to hook up flickr and Yahoo! Maps.

I started work on a system like this for podcasts, but had stopped work when I saw that they didn’t cover Europe. Now I see they cover the whole world, so it’s time to dig out that flash file and knock out a version for podcasts. Hurrah! 😉

Here’s a map of photos in Antigua. And watching the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. Cooool!

Who is this ‘kosso’ anyway?

I am a 'Createc'. A creative technologist, entrepreneur/ hacker/ geek. Worked on building things on the web for over 12 years.

Used to work at BBC News interactive and created the publishing and delivery systems for video news to get distributed on huge screens in major railway stations around the country.

I left the BBC to become CTO / sole-lead architect/developer at for three years.

I have now left them to build a start up a new system called 'Phreadz', which is a 'Social Multimedia Conversation Network', integrating everything that is 'V.I.T.A.L' to us on the web. Video, Images, Text, Audio and Links.

I built the whole thing my myself. I programmed every line of code and positioned every pixel. I'm looking forward to attracting an hiring new members of the team to help me out! :)

There are currently over 1000 happy and helpful beta testers on the system so far and one client of a white-labelled solution.

@kosso : twitter

kosso's flickr stream

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