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FOR SALE: Sea protected view : 8100sq.m

A great opportunity to own some true mainland on the coast. The sea in front will NEVER be built on or sold by anyone. This is NOT COVENANT / Island land. You buy it – you own it 😉 hurry!
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about to sell the SL Podcast Peninsula

Over 7000sqm of seafront / protected land about to get cleaned up and put up FOR SALE. I never had the time to really do what we wanted here, so time to get rid of unneccesary tier.
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BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Syria ‘had covert nuclear scheme’

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Testing VodPod

Just trying out the plugin / Firefox Extension which apparently will let me post videos on my blog – from ANYWHERE! Pretty cool if this works.This is a test! 🙂

And I suppose this is also a bit of a tease ;p – this video was created just over 10 weeks ago

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod


Random Nonsense Word Generator

As I went to sleep last night I was wondering how I could create some random word-like words, for something I’ve been working on. When I woke up, I had the solution! So, I thought I’d share how I did it.

The thing that was bothering me was where to find a list of dictionary words to look at to generate a nonsensical, but ‘word-like’ part of a word. I started thinking about and if they had some kind of API, amaong others.

Then it occurred to me that most Linux distros have a dictionary built in to the system. It lives at /usr/share/dict/words

So, with a little snippet of PHP, I was able to look at a part of this file and grab some characters.

here it is:

function makeNonsense($length){

        // used to create word fragments $length long

        $dictionaryFile = "/usr/share/dict/words";
        // eventually need to make this go higher than the rand max 32768
        // get rid of numbers. spaces and other characters
        $content = ereg_replace("[^a-zA-Z]", "", $content);
        $content = strtolower(str_replace(" ","",$content));
        $nonsense = str_replace("\n","",$content);
        return $nonsense;


And that’s it! 😉

Twitter Borkage. “Something is Technically Wrong”.

For the past couple of days, I’ve not been alone in noticing that my Twitter timeline has been acting strangely. Where are all the Tweets from the people I follow? Has everyone stopped Tweeting? Hmmm… Apparently not. CNET have also weighed in on the issue. [Matthew Ingram also points out the irony of the situation – and Jeff Nolan points out that the Web2.0 conference is due to start in San Francisco in 2 days – they’d better fix this soon, or the darlings of SXSW07 will have a plate of egg on their faces, no doubt!]

For some reason, Tweets from people I follow just don’t appear any more. I know they’re posting – my fiancee (who I met via Twitter), sat next to me has posted recently, as I can see when I visit her page, but they don’t appear on my friends timeline.

I have been increasingly using Twitter to stay connected to loads of people who I know personally and virtually. It’s like a lifeline to the world, which I have come to rely on.

But now I feel completely disconnected and in the dark.

Now sure, sites have problems now and then, but the worst thing about this situation is that the people from Twitter have not acknowledged the problem on their blog, or on their ‘Twitter Status‘ stream. [Maybe they have and I just can’t see the updates.] – update : ok, there is a day old post about the issue now.

After reading another post on this subject, I see that someone from the company has posted the reason for the outage on some ‘get satisfaction’ forum which I’ve never heard of. Something to do with the caching system apparently.

Twitter is a communication platform – so come on Twitter!! COMMUNICATE WITH US!

A quick look at all the Twitter streams of the Twitter staff shows that they’re all busy partying in one way of another. Grrrr.

There appears to be a way to ‘fix’ the problem – someone has even written a web app to automate the process – by unfollowing an refollowing people to make their Tweets reappear on your timeline. This seemed to work for a while, but then Tweets just vanish again. Very annoying. Also, this method would resend the email alerts to the people you’re ‘fixing’ which is also annoying and confusing.
So, what do we do? Wait? Hope? Wonder? There are a few million of us in the same boat here. What shall we do? Jump ship and try Jaiku or Pownce?

Busy, Busy, Connecting Multimedia

Wow. It’s been ages since I posted an actual post to this blog. Blame Twitter, for one! 🙂

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As well as that, I’ve been busy in my spare time building something exciting. I can’t talk too much about it yet, but soon, I’ll reveal more.

There’s been quite a bit of speculation about what it is, from all levels of social media. 😉

Stay tuned and all will be revealed just as soon as I get the time to iron out a few bugs here and there and make sure it has all the features it needs to make it ready for LIPHTOPH 🙂

Who is this ‘kosso’ anyway?

I am a 'Createc'. A creative technologist, entrepreneur/ hacker/ geek. Worked on building things on the web for over 12 years.

Used to work at BBC News interactive and created the publishing and delivery systems for video news to get distributed on huge screens in major railway stations around the country.

I left the BBC to become CTO / sole-lead architect/developer at for three years.

I have now left them to build a start up a new system called 'Phreadz', which is a 'Social Multimedia Conversation Network', integrating everything that is 'V.I.T.A.L' to us on the web. Video, Images, Text, Audio and Links.

I built the whole thing my myself. I programmed every line of code and positioned every pixel. I'm looking forward to attracting an hiring new members of the team to help me out! :)

There are currently over 1000 happy and helpful beta testers on the system so far and one client of a white-labelled solution.

@kosso : twitter

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