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Ansche Attacks!

Before Christmas, I had heard about the griefing attack which happened on Ansche Chung, Second Life’s first ‘real’ millionaire, during an interview with CNET.

Some residents present took photos and video footage of the attacks, which included self-replicated flying penises floating at Ansche. Another attack during another interview saw a swarm of photoshopped photos of her holding a large copy-pasted penis.

It appears now that she is trying to enforce a takedown of all media showing her avatar or places her organisation has built. She has succeeding in using the DCMA to take down the video of the attack from YouTube.

Reuters have a full article on the events, which also included the mistake of also trying to get BoingBoing to step into line too. D’oh!

The video is still available on Google Video (and downloadable in .mp4 format which SL/Quicktime can play if you want to show it on your land) – all nicely edited to music too 😉

I host pictures people take in Second Life over on blogHUD and if she asked me to take down someone’s photo, I would be hard pushed to do so, as she’s a celebrity, who was effectively ‘papped’ in a public place. She cant stop that. The photographers should be rewarded! Community-style! 😉

And if she wants to try and stop photos of her ‘places’ and builds being posted online, then I think she’s totally off her rocker object. Sure she could try, but she’ll cause herself more harm than good if she does do that. People in communities don’t react well to that kind of control.

We have politicians who have eggs and stuff thrown at them in real life – do you see the footage of this being censored by the victim? No. It gets out there as ‘news’ content. Public domain. No holds barred. (Possibly there are occasions when it does happen though, depending on the image and circumstance and situation)

Ansche needs to deal with this PR in a different way. Laughing usually works. It’s not the emotion the attacker wanted or expected. Stamping your feet like a little girl is not the right way to go.

I think she’ ll learn – the hard way. Like most ‘celebrities’.

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