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Reuters launched new NewsHUD with BlogHUD integration!

The Reuters bureau in Second Life has now released a new version of their RSS reading NewsHUD. Packed with loads of cool features for discussing current stories and the ability to customise your RSS feeds. NOt on that, but they have now added a ‘BLOGHUD’ tab. You can set it to load up all posts from BlogHUD, or only posts from the region you are in. It looks great – quite a few prims though πŸ˜‰ Link to full story
posted by Koz Farina on Nooribeom using a blogHUD : [blogHUD permalink]

Neuronet – ‘Worlds First’ Real-Time Virtual Reality Network

Rezzing soon to a visual cortex near you, Neuronet is preparing to launch next year.

Set up by the IAVRT – “The International Association of Virtual Reality Technologies (IAVRT) is a not-for-profit professional organization dedicated to fostering scientific research and business development in the area of Virtual Reality (VR) technology for the benefit of society.” – wants to create a network of virtual reailty spaces, which will apparently be accessible/marketable via two top level domain names (TLDs) .vr and .cin

It looks like they care about alot of the important things which need to be under control and understood for this to all work.

They will surely make good money selling domain names under the .vr domain, but I don’t know too much about .cin (cinematic virtual reality neurosites). Who knows, it might get traction eventually.Domains names from both will cost $100US .

I have recently been suggesting to people that Linden Lab contact on organisation called ‘Sierratel’ who appear to the people in charge of selling domain names with the .sl TLD. The trouble is, this company does not seem to reply to emails, so should really look for an agent/organization to handle the job. I think Second-Lifers would no doubt swarm to these and would provide decent income in other ways than rising land prices beyong many people’s reach.

Back to the Neuronet though, I am very much looking forward to the evolution of ‘truly’ immersive environments. I have always been closely watching the rise in speed in power of home PCs and their graphics capabilities, along with the rising speeds of internet connectivity. It will be interesting to see how the fantasy of a truly global 3D VR world lives up to the actuality of it. Will it scale? Is it secure? etc. Situations which LL are constantly dealing with. It appears that you will get a ‘development neurosite’ with your domain name for $2500US a year (wow), so I wonder if this means that people will be able to host their own nerusite systems on their own servers. No idea what the requirements and costs might be yet.

Pre-orders for names (The Sunrise Period) looks set to start in February 2007, with the General Registration period, which they call the ‘Land Rush’ period (already!) starting on June 4th 2007. MY BIRTHDAY!!! Ha! I want koz.vr πŸ˜€

I will also be keeping a close eye on an Australian/UK company called Inition (with a shop in London! W00t!) as they appear to sell just about everything you could want for an immersive existence in a 3D world. Great stuff! Some of the kits there looks prohibitively expensive, but some are certainly affordable for the hardcore pixelvertex junkies out there/here! πŸ˜‰ I thoroughly recommend browsing through their huge range of products, as it really taught me alot about all the amazing VR devices which are now on the market, along with their current value. They sell kit for VR HUDs (heads up displays), headsets, glasses, gloves, motion capture kits, 3D digitizing/scanning and even 3D printing (rather like a friend, Mike Buckbee’s Fabjectory, which will ‘print’ a 3d sculpture of your Second Life avatar – amazing, and I still need to get one πŸ˜‰ )

Unfortunately, this cool little device, ‘The Monkey’ has been discontinued. If anyone else out there knows of any motion (or pose) capture desktop mannekins out there, please do let me know. Thx πŸ˜‰

It looks like 3D is not going to go away next year. On the contrary, it’s going to get deeper – much to the chagrin of many a 3D/SL-widow/widower out there already! :p

More discussion on 3pointd

Also, the rebang blog seems highly suspicious of a potential scam!

Second Life Hits 2 Million Signups

2 Million Second LIfe Signups
Wow. It only seems like yesterday when we hit 1 million!

3D News with RSS

For Vista, when it comes out, here’s an app/widget from Microsoft called UniveRSS.

UniveRSS is a showcase application that demonstrates the use of several WPF features, 3D animations, data binding, and data visualization. Currently UniveRSS uses the RSS Feed Store managed through Internet Explorer 7. Later versions will allow you to manage the Feed Store from within the UniveRSS application.

It looks very nice and very much the type of thing I envisage in Second Life, when (and if) we get html on a prim surface. With all the available data bindings and communications we have at our disposal there, it should be faily easy to build this in the Metaverse.

Thanks to Dave Winer for the link.

SL Money Spent Spiked

SL money spikeThat graph looks pretty impessive huh? It shows the US Dollars spent in Second Life over last 24 hours at $1,726,930 as of 9:00am PST today (10th Nov 2006).

Well, it turns out that something many people has thought is true – the daily dollar amount which Linden Lab tout as spent is actually (simply) total transactions in world.

This ‘spike/cliff’ was caused by an anonymous resident who wrote a script which passed some Linden dollars back and forth between two avatars. After an hour of running it had generated over one million Linden dollars of transactions, but no money was spent. The avatars which this was running on ended up with the same amount they started with. Zero sum.

I’m sure this is bound to come up at the next Town Hall Meeting with Linden CEO Philip Rosedale/Linden on November 16th. Many companies that arrive in SL are doing so due to all this ‘real’ money being ‘spent’ – hmmm. I wander what they will think. People will want better figures – like the ‘over one million residents’ stat. We want to know how many unique and ACTIVE users there are. Linden record the ‘MAC’ address of your network card, so they have the data.

(Graph saved from )

MultiVerse Open Beta launched

Yet another virtual world to add to the smorgasbord: MultiVerse is a system of 3D virtual world clients and servers which you can build and support yourself – eventually. They have just opened up the beta for all to test.

They say:

  • Participate in the game industry’s most exciting frontier.
  • Make a complete MMOG or virtual world for less money and in less time than you ever dreamed possible.
  • Deliver your vision on-line to a large market of players.
  • Make money however you decide: subscription, item sales, and/or advertising.

Looks pretty interesting – but beyond me I think (for now). People like James Cameron, John Landau and Max Sims (of Maya fame)Β  are behind it too.

I wonder how many more virtual worlds we’ll have to tinker with this time next year? And will we be able to teleport from one to the other? Hmmmmm… iiiinteresting.

Virtual World of Kaneva

Well, well, well. This looks familiar πŸ˜‰ Kaneva is another virtual world network in the works. I haven’t heard of this one before. It will be interesting to see what features and capabilities for customisation, learning and earning there is to be had here. Hmmm….

Take It Or Leave It

According to blogHUD user Dedric Mauriac, a version of the TV show ‘Deal Or No Deal’ has hit the metaverse, called ‘Take It Or Leave It’

Great idea!!

Dedric is also building a Wheel of Fortune (I think πŸ˜‰ ) in SL too!

Building Reality

Just found this great video of a a presentation (wmv) from Linden Labs’ Cory Ondrejka (Cory Linden) and Jim Purbrick (Babbage Linden) from the Microsoft Lang.NET Conference in August – called ‘Building Reality : User-Creation and Scripting in Second Life’.

It’s mostly the slides and audio, but well worth it for the introduction into SL from Cory and lead in to the world of scripting ‘stuff’ in LSL, the Linden Scripting Language. Then Jim goes on to get very technicial, talking about how LSL will be moving over to use a more robust technology called MONO (which has a coool logo!) and will be 50-150x faster than the current system, using less than 50% of the memory!

Babbage gives a quick demo at the end (from about 70mins) to show (for the first time in public) a Second Life client running LSL AND MONO. He starts by showing script running as MONO spitting out Fibonacci numbers, which it does VERY quickly. Then he unchecks a box in the scripting editor to run it as LSL and it’s veeeery slow. Lag could be a thing of the past.

[AND, at about 38 minutes, Cory shows the blogHUD as an example! Yay to that!!! πŸ™‚ ]

Funny. At the end, someone in the audience sees that Babbage has a special menu item and asks, “What is ‘God’?” – Babbage answers, “God is me!” πŸ™‚ LOL.

Live From Second Life

I can’t promise this will be on all the time, as it was a quick test idea that I have thought about for a few months and got round to doing once I got more memory for the MacMini (running Windows).

Let’s see how this holds up – this blog doesn’t get many readers, so off you go! All ten eleven of ya πŸ˜‰

Welcome to Second Life LIVE

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