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UK Budget 2007 in Second Life : March 21st 2007 : 4.30am SLT

Gordon Brown will make what is likely to be his last Budget Speech, tomorrow in the House of Commons.

Coming from a Twitter account being updated by The Press Association in London which can found at updates from the House of Commons will be streamed into the virtual world of Second Life at this location.

Search for ‘The RSS Platform’ in world and look for a huge briefcases! Or follow the blogHUD link to a page giving a map at teleportation link.

The announcements will start at around 12.30 PM GMT, which is March 21st 2007 : 4.30am SLT. It might also be good idea to ‘add budget’ to your Twitter account, if you have one. It will only be pumping content for the two hours (or so) of the Budget itself. You could even get it to SMS you automatically using Twitter’s free texting ability.

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Scoble’s Rules Of Twitter in SL snapshot

Looks to be working OK now. But needs to refresh on the loop still. Hmm trying to make playlists out of dynamically generated SMIL files.
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Twitter Posting with PHP and Curl

As it’s so utterly and incredibly easy to do this, I thought I’d add to the resources of how to post to message to your Twitter account using PHP and Curl.

So, to add to the other PHP scripts I’ve been plonking out here, here is the PHP source code to a simple function which will post to a Twitter account. Send data to it from a form or a service, or even another script, even from an llHTTPRequest from an LSL script in Second Life! Easy and interesting stuff, that messaging. 😉

Here you go:

Second Life and Electric Sheep on MSNBC News

Check out these two clips from MSNBC News. One featuring author Tim Guest and another with Sibley Verbeck from The Electric Sheep Company.

Clips show after the 30 seconds ad.

Beyond Broadcast Live

On a break just now, but do come back for a live video feed and discussion from Beyond Broadcast. A cool media conference going on right now in Massachusetts! We were there IRL last year 😉
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KozCast2 : Koz Farina in Second Life

Wow! Can you believe it!! Two in one day!


This one is more focussed on my Second Life. Still a bit of a ramble (just the way I like it) – tangential thoughts and ideas. No outline. Podcasting by the seat of my (flexi) pants! Woo!

I made the intro music here, using sounds that the UI makes, along with some beats and stuff I threw in there 😉 Hope you like it!

Resting my rusty metal ass

While sat here, it occurs to me how annoying it is that I have so many old snapshots in my inventory, which are stuck here. We can’t get them out. What we need is a way to open a snapshot we have taken (not a texture) and send that as a postcard. Emailing out appears to be the only way to get stuff from one Life to the other.
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New Blogger support coming soon!

Just to let you all know that I am working on getting the new Blogger accounts working here. Google really have not made it easy, which is why it has been taking a while to get my head around it all 😉

I think I just had a minor breakthrough in understanding how they need it to all work, but now I have to work out which bits to encrypt and how. And I have to generate something called a ‘nonce’. Which is kinda funny.

While researching how to provide support for these Google accounts, I asked an employee : Q: will the users be asked to move? Or forced to move to the new system?

To which he replied : ‘Force’ is such a strong word. But the movement from old Blogger to new Blogger is not optional.

Well, if he doesn’t make it in GoogleLand, he can always try his hand at being a politician 😉
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Bot Meets Cat

Hilarity ensues
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I really gotta make myslf one of these 😉 Where do I find a tutorial of stuff requires to make AVs?
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Who is this ‘kosso’ anyway?

I am a 'Createc'. A creative technologist, entrepreneur/ hacker/ geek. Worked on building things on the web for over 12 years.

Used to work at BBC News interactive and created the publishing and delivery systems for video news to get distributed on huge screens in major railway stations around the country.

I left the BBC to become CTO / sole-lead architect/developer at for three years.

I have now left them to build a start up a new system called 'Phreadz', which is a 'Social Multimedia Conversation Network', integrating everything that is 'V.I.T.A.L' to us on the web. Video, Images, Text, Audio and Links.

I built the whole thing my myself. I programmed every line of code and positioned every pixel. I'm looking forward to attracting an hiring new members of the team to help me out! :)

There are currently over 1000 happy and helpful beta testers on the system so far and one client of a white-labelled solution.

@kosso : twitter

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